Should You Opt For A Dress Code In The Office?

Many corporates, at the time when they open an office and are laying down the rules, often wonder what kind of dress code they should have. After all, it would define the kind of work environment and attitude that the employees or workers need to wear to work. How you dress influences the way you feel and think as well. The way you project yourself to the outside world, especially to customers would also define the corporate culture that underlies it all.

Understand the nature of work

In order to lay down dress code for an office, you need to understand the kind of work culture you would be promoting. If you are a conservative investment firm, the need to look sharp and formal is an underlying statement of those who approach clients for investing in different products. Again, for a customer oriented organization such as a bank or a public office, the people need to be formally dressed in uniform shirts in order to promote an air of professionalism that would provide a reliable image as a whole.

Defining dress codes by functions

Not every department of an organization does the same kind of work. Many organizations have customer facing departments while other departments like IT and finance do routine administrative tasks. Again, a manufacturing concern would have workers who need to follow a dress code and uniform shirts while the other departments might not need to do so. Hence, a dress code can be defined by function and not for an organization as a whole.

Framing the policies

As per the dress codes you wish to enforce in your company, you need to frame the workplace rules accordingly. For manufacturing concerns it is mandatory to wear uniforms in many cases as there are matters of hygiene and safety guidelines that need to be followed. In other cases, it might be more to do with the image that an organization needs to project for which the employees need to follow a certain dress code in general.

Offering incentives

For those who need to wear uniformed apparel to work, a company needs to make it convenient for these employees. From including work wear and other gear as part of the employment perks, the material and the fit of these uniforms should be such that employees feel comfortable as well as feel well dressed at the same time. Hence, investing in laundry services and getting tailored and good quality uniforms are necessary. Employees who are made to wear uncomfortable uniforms might be unhappy with the work wear which they need to wear to work every day. Offering apparel with company logo in attractive styles and designs are other ways to attract employees to work gear.

Important Points To Keep In Mind About Your Company Website

Having a company website is only the first step towards ensuring that your company is making progress via the internet to increase its visibility and sales. If you are to be a successful online retailer, then there are a few criteria which you need to meet. Take a look at the below to check if you are doing everything necessary to reap the maximum benefits from your company’s web portal;

The Face of the Company
Your company’s official website is most of the time the first encounter that outsiders have with your business. Therefore, it is vital to always remember just how important it is to ensure that your website has any and all information necessary and relevant to any party that is looking for details about your company, and that it is presented using a practical and logical layout. The colour scheme, font, images, backgrounds and wording should all contribute collectively towards enhancing and maintaining your company image, check this Hong Kong website design.

User-friendliness Plays a Major Role
It is equally important that any visitor to your website will have a pleasant enough experience when trying to find what they are looking for. Avoid bombarding the homepage with too-vivid product images and offers that will distract rather than attract customers. Busy homepages with too much to look at can drive people away from your website. The best way to avoid overdoing things on your website is to consult a graphic designer who can come up with a viable layout and be able to create the pages of your website in a user-friendly manner.

Employing a graphic designer to get the job done will also allow you to make use of his/her expertise on how to better attract customers to the website using design tools. Try to avoid lengthy descriptions in small fonts when it comes to your products and services. Be precise and use bullet points instead of paragraphs.

Timely Updates and Maintenance
No website is complete once it has been created and activated on the internet. Any website, especially a transactional one, needs to be updated frequently and maintained well in order to ensure that all information provided is up-to-date and accurate. New products need to be added and the ones that are no longer in stock need to be removed from product lists. Customer inquiries need to be replied to promptly to show that you are responsive.

Great Way to Reach Out but Not the Only One
Your website is a good way to impart company information, notify of special offers and discounts and product details to a large group of customers in one go. However, you should not rely on the website alone to reach out to your customers. Other uses of the internet for this purpose include the utilisation of social media to market your products. You can create a page for your business or a group for your loyal customers so that they get frequent updates on products. If you have physical stores, you should maintain those just as well as you maintain your virtual store to ensure that all your income sources are operating well.