How To Be Remembered, Even After Your Death?

Curious about the answer for the above question? Here’s how…

Be different – trust us when we say people are not remembered for being ordinary. If you live all your live doing the things you should be doing and saying the things you should be saying, chances are that no one except for your immediate family is going to remember you after you’re gone. Be brave, be creative! Speak out and don’t be afraid to think out of the box or be different. Some of the most celebrated people are those that the people around them found puzzling or even downright strange…!

Be a person people look forwards to speak to – in our opinion, good friends are as rare as well cut and polished diamonds that is created naturally. If you really want to be treasured while both alive and remembered fondly after you’re gone, try to be a genuine friend. Be compassionate, be warm; be the best version of yourself. If someone trusts you with a secret, respect that trust; believe us, people remember when their secrets are kept safe.

Stay among the living in a tangible form – if you desire, there’s a possibility for you to be present, in a form of speaking, among your loved ones; making it easy for them to remember you. Cremation jewelry is increasing in it’s popularity, and is indeed a creative and tangible way of “staying close to” your loved ones. Converted to either an ashes to diamond Hong Kong, or into tiny pendant/locket vassals for your loved ones, you’ll always be around them. If you want to be remembered by more people than just your friends and family, awaken your creativity. Leave behind a creation, an invention, which will remind the word of you. Poets, photographers, scientist…all included!

Leave behind a continuing good deed – as charming as the idea is, the affordable ashes to diamond cost might give your love ones a momentary hesitation at least. You could leave behind the cost to see this through; entrusting a trusted person to see it through. Alternatively, consider doing a few random acts of kindness; people don’t forget those who help them¾especially when they were not expecting it! Think of doing good deeds that will last for a while as well; like helping to construct a school, or forming a scholarship fund with the inheritance you leave behind.

Instill the right values in your children – in many ways, it is through our children that the world will remember us. Installing in them strong values, and helping them grow into the best version of themselves, people who will be of use to the world, is one of the best things you could do to be remembered…long after you are gone from this Earth.