The Complete Do And Don’ts For Male Office Attire

There is nothing similar in all types of office attire put together. Professional attire ranges in a wide variety of patterns, styles and colors. Regardless if any individual makes their own uniform or proudly shows off one, there are few tips and tricks that are involved to make you look your best in a suit. Few of these tips can be used in general for office wear or used it in women’s uniform as well. Read on and find out what suits you the best and how to fine tune on how you look wearing a suit.

Do these

Ironing of clothes, when performed daily can be a chore. This can really be a hassle during the days that you are late to work or school. Handing out this task to anyone else at home, be it a parent or spouse will only mean and addition of their daily routine of work. To compromise with this fact, always choose to wear shirts that are non-iron to make the best use of the time schedule. These non-shirts are a great of minimizing the morning dressing up game by saving yourself or anyone at home on less job of ironing. The same principle can be applied for school clothing in NZ as well.

It is also important to be wearing a shirt which is in the correct size. Wearing a size too big or too small can only mean baggy excessive material or poor fit in school uniforms.

Accessorizing to finish the look

Office attires are not complete without appropriate accessories. The basic requirement when wearing a tie should be to maintain the correct length. The tip of the tie should be touching the start of your belt and not overlap the same. It is smart to be seen wearing a watch, not only does it add a certain flare, it is also a great way to bring some color to neutral attires. Always remember to match the color of your belt to the color of your shoes that you wish to wear. Mismatch in this aspect will make you look as if you are a beginner to be wearing suits. Be sure to shine and polish your shoes regularly as this will make your look smart and make you feel smarter. Campus Corporate Clothing provides uniform for various industries.

Do not try these

Never make the mistake of wearing a dark colored t-shirt underneath your white shirt when wearing a suit. It does not look good and certainly not a fashion statement to be made. Avoid trying to recreate your own tie knot that differs from the traditional Windsor knot. When wearing blazers avoid buttoning all and stick to only buttoning the first and the middle by leaving the last button open.